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Broadcasting herbicide with a tractor-drawn sprayer

Application Methods

Herbicides are applied to manage forest vegetation in various ways, from sophisticated aerial application equipment to hand-held sprayers.  Use of the proper herbicide rate in accordance with label directions is important to ensure good performance, cost efficiency and environmental protection.  Herbicide rates are recommended in two general ways:

 A specific percent solution of the herbicide product in the carrier (usually water) is recommended when treating individual plants or small areas (spot treatment).  The amount of product used is dependent on the amount of solution applied and the area treated.

 When selective herbicides are used, it is usually necessary to apply a specific amount of product to a given area, because plant tolerance depends on the dose received.  In such cases, the recommended herbicide rate will be expressed as an amount of a commercial product per acre, or some other measure of area treated.   Alternatively, it can be expressed as an amount of active ingredient (ai) or acid equivalent (ae), contained in a product, per area treated.