University of Florida

Sources of Assistance for Forest Landowners

Technical advice and on-the-ground assistance

  • County Extension Agents from the University of Florida IFAS provide technical assistance and can be identified on the quick contacts list or located on this interactive map.  To find an extension office in another state, click here.
  • County Foresters from the Florida Forest Service provide technical assistance in meeting forest management objectives.
  • Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA) provides technical assistance through Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to conserve, maintain, and improve a variety of natural resources.
  • Forest Stewardship Program (FSP) provides technical (and sometimes limited financial) assistance to develop plans for sustainable forest management.  In Florida, FSP is administered by the Florida Forest ServiceFlorida Forest Stewardship provides technical and educational assistance.
  • Private Forestry Consultants provide landowners with a variety of management and technical services. In Florida they can be located through the FSP website, or recommendations from FFS county foresters.